Outside Decor with Bird Feeders

outside decor bird feeder

I love these unique fly-through, round glass bird feeders as outside decor from Sunnydaze Decor. They come in bright colors and unique shapes for you and the birds to enjoy!

You can as outside decor to add interest to your yard. You can hang them in a tree, on a Shepherd’s hook or any hanger, preferably in the shade. Included with the bird feeder is a 12″ hanging wire.

The fly-through round design is 6″ in diameter. This design makes it easy for you to add birdseed to the feeder. The birds will come with their appetite and have a feast.

The round circle design also allows you to get a better view of the birds. The birds can fly-through the feeder and you can see through the feeder getting a better view of the birds.

This bird feeder will hold 1 cup of small seed birdseed. It contains a drainage hole in the bottom, to help remove moisture. Fill with birdseed, then watch the birds come.

This colorful garden decor glass bird feeder will give you or someone special many years of bird watching pleasure as the birds will be enticed to the feeder. Your feathered friends will feast on the seed while you feast your eyes on the birds.

Do you need a unique gift for someone who loves watching birds or someone who loves garden decor? Get one for yourself from Sunnydaze Decor and brighten your yard while you enjoy watching the birds!

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