Garden Decor Mushrooms from Glassware

I love going to thrift shops looking for old glassware to make into garden decor. Not many people want the glassware that has chips or cracks, but these are my favorite pieces to buy. These pieces make beautiful and unique garden decor mushrooms.

I have a large collection of old glassware in my home that I use daily and for special occasions, as I will not use a perfect piece of old glassware to create something new. I look for the pieces of old glassware with flaws, chips or cracks and then create something new.

You can also create these mushrooms from new vases and bowls. Check out your local dollar store for inexpensive options to use. You could also use plastic vases and bowls, just be sure to add rocks or something to add weight.

These mushrooms are really easy and fun to create. All you have to do is decide what colors you would like to use, then gather your materials: a vase, a small bowl for the top, and some glue that can be used on glassware.

garden decor glass mushroon

Make sure the vase and bowl are clean for the glue to make good contact. First, place a line of glue around the top of the vase. Then, take your bowl and place it upside down on the top of a vase. Press the bowl down lightly and allow the glue to dry.

When I am out exploring thrift shops, I will choose colorful vases as they are plentiful. I like to combine colors or use clear and a color together. If I want a color I don’t have, I will fill a clear vase with colored glass like the one above.

Are you ready to add color to your garden decor with these easy to make mushrooms? Have you created your own mushrooms for your flower beds? What color mushrooms have you made?

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