Air Plant Display as Living Decor

air plant decor display

I live in a tropical climate with many air plants in the trees. To bring some of the air plants inside, I started thinking about how I could make an air plant display to bring them inside. I came up with this idea to make a display.

Being outside makes me very happy, but I can’t always be outside due to the hot and humid weather. This is my way of bringing the outside to the inside.

I looked through my craft supplies to see what I could possibly use to make a display. I chose craft sticks and glue. So, simple yet very functional.

So, I grabbed some craft sticks and glue, then I arranged the craft sticks in a pattern that looks nice and has spaces for the air plants to reside. When I was happy with the design, I glued the craft sticks together.

This display can stand alone or you can hang it on a wall. I glued the craft sticks together in several layers to make it thick enough to stand alone. Leave spaces between the sticks. Make sure the craft sticks are even so it will stand alone.

You can paint your air plant display in any color you would like. You may want to stain your display or just leave it natural.

Click here to see another air plant display that I made from corks. I glued the corks together in a circle.

When the glue is set, tuck your air plants between the craft sticks to display them. Now you have decor that is alive and growing. Don’t forget to water these plants each week! Enjoy!

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