Air Plant Decor Display to Create

air plant decor display

With so many air plants around me, I decided to create another air plant decor display. Displaying air plants is a way to create living decor that changes as it grows!

This air plant decor display is very easy to create. It’s simple looking and simple to create, yet very interesting. The green plants inside the circle of brown corks adds contrast and interest.

Maybe you have some special corks you would like to use. Remember that bottle of wine you had and you saved the cork? Use it in this project to remember a special event or a special person.

All you need for this air plant project is some corks, glue, and something in the shape and size of the inside of the display that you want. If you need to order supplies, here is a 20% OFF coupon for Michaels.

You can begin this project by selecting the corks that you want to use to create your display. You could create more interest by using corks of different sizes and heights. Make sure your corks will join together and create the shape.

After you have the corks you want to use, begin by adding a line of glue down the side of a cork. Take the next cork and press the two corks together until the corks will stay together.

Then place these two corks around the object you choose for a shape. Take the next cork, then add a line of glue and press into one of the other corks to continue the shape you desire.

Continue gluing the corks around your shape until the corks join together. Allow the glue to dry according to the directions of the glue you are using. You can use hot glue, but only if the display will be kept inside.

Click here to see another air plant decor display that I created from craft sticks and glue. Another very simple and easy to create display for air plants.

You can create a freestyle shape of your own if you would like to. It’s completely up to you and your imagination! What shape of display would you like to create for your home?

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