3D Wooden World Map as Decor

3D Wooden World Map

What do you think about using a map as decor? Check out these 3D wooden world maps from Enjoy the Wood! They are handmade from birch plywood and they include the flags of 273 countries and states of USA, Canada and Australia (notice: some countries’ flags are omitted).

The easy installation can be complete in under an hour. A template is included with the instructions for the installation of each map. Each map piece has a number that matches the numbers on the template. If you can match numbers, then you can install this map as decor in your home.

The map includes a special sticky, double-sided tape with removable adhesive that won’t ruin your walls (however do not adhere to wallpaper). The map includes the ocean names, wooden airplanes, boats, and a compass. Everything you need for installation is in the package.

This map makes a great, unique gift for someone special in your life. It will come gift wrapped, already for gift giving. You can choose from four sizes with many options for the perfect gift. Not only is it interesting, it is also educational.

This is such a unique gift for all ages, young and old. Make you choices for the one that is right for you and your home. Click here to see all the different and unique wooden maps you can purchase.

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